Best For: Acne, Rosacea, Sensitivities, Dehydration, Barrier Impairment

    Roccoco Botanicals is a Botanical skincare line which makes supporting and repairing the skin barrier a top priority. Rather than treating the skin through aggressive methods, such as chemical peels and lasers which create trauma and the growth of unhealthy collagen, Roccoco relies on positive skin health methods to treat acne and sensitive skin. 

    With a heavy focus on science-based actives, Roccoco recognizes that not everything natural is beneficial for the skin. There are many natural ingredients and oils that are barrier disruptive and hinder the skin’s healing process. Roccoco ensures the ingredients they source have the utmost respect for the skin barrier and deliver unparalleled results, all without side effects and irritation.

    Roccoco is proud to be cruelty free and does not test on animals.

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    Roccoco Botanicals Sulfur Mask
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    Roccoco Botanicals Peptide Sheet Mask
    Roccoco Botanicals Hydrating Mask
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    Roccoco Botanicals Papaya Radiance Peel
    Roccoco Botanicals Pearl Brightening Mask