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Skin & Bare It South Location is Now Now Open In Castle Rock

Meet Amy!  


Amy makes a wonderful new addition to Skin & Bare It.  As is the foundation of our practice here, Amy is devoted to furthering her knowledge in the skincare and personal health industry with continuous education.  Through taking an integrative approach Amy is able to support all of the aspects of health to aid you in honing in on potential triggers and issues that may be affecting your skin.  

While working with Dru, Amy has been trained extensively in Acne, Rosacea and otherwise complex skin conditions.  In addition she brings extensive knowledge from the world of anti aging and has been trained and certified in both Gua Sha and Lymphatic drainage, two incredibly beneficial practices which can support you in your healing journey.  

While we were only offering treatments to existing customers, you can now book your initial consultation in person alongside your initial exploratory facial where Amy can better assess your skin and make home care recommendations right out of the gate! 


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