Azure Orion Anti-Aging LED

Azure Orion Anti-Aging LED
Azure Orion Anti-Aging LED

Azure Orion Anti-Aging LED

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THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE ORION AND THE RADIANCE IS THE SIZE OF THE TREATMENT HEAD. The Orion has a treatment head that is approximately 1/2 inch diameter smaller than the Radiance.

USFDA 510K OTC cleared collagen regenerating super intense LED Photo Therapy for the reduction of all types of facial wrinkles.  

  • 3-minute treatment per 3-inch-long areas, 5 days a week for 2 months for impressive and noticeable results

  • Gentle and safe for in home clinical level treatments.

  • Cordless, rechargeable and sleek

Dermatologist and skincare specialists worldwide have used LED clinical devices for years in treating all types of facial wrinkles and other conditions.  Now your can experience the convenience of this gentle and clinically proven light therapy in the privacy of your home.  This device not only features effective red LED but also beneficial infrared which expedited wound healing and aids in product penetration. 


To Use:

- Cleanse face thoroughly.  

- While Serums can absolutely be used with this device, you will want to ensure your serums are compatible.  (All Roccoco serums are compatible with LED with the exception of Vitaskin and Mandelic+ Fusion)

During treatment, glide the device on your target treatment areas. We suggest to keep your treatment area for each 3-minute session small and localized (following a 3-inch path). The light of the device will penetrate the skin so there is no need to apply pressure during treatment.


  • Azure Orion and Radiance devices use ultra-narrow spectral bandwidth high-intensity SuperIntense LED light using top-quality LEDs from Cree, Osram, and KingBright. Identical to the spectral wavelengths and at the homogenous (evenness of light pattern) and same power levels as large professional-grade LED units.

    The SuperIntense LED light emitted produces several biological and cellular reactions that include:

    • More effective and faster cell renewal
    • Improved absorption of vital nutrients needed for tissue repair
    • Increased collagen production
    • Collagen renewal leads to a reduction of fine line wrinkles and softening of skin tissue

    (Collagen replenishment is through an increase in stimulation of mitochondria [cellular healing] and ATP [energy] production)

    Accelerated wound healing, dermal elasticity, and pore improvement

    1. promotes elastin and collagen for improved skin firmness
    2. improves skin /dermal oxygenation and detoxification
    3. stimulates tissue renewal leaving skin with better tone and texture
    1. promotes elastin and collagen for improved skin firmness
    2. decreases skin redness and inflammation/increase in microcirculation
    3. stimulates tissue renewal leaving skin with better tone and texture
    4. normalizes dermal oil production and assists in pore reduction

Is there real science behind this therapy?

The mechanism behind the effects of low-level light therapy (aka LLLT) is postulated to be through the absorption of Red and NIR wavelength light by mitochondrial chromophores, specifically, cytochrome c oxidase (CCO) found in the respiratory chain located within the mitochondria. This absorption of this photon energy may cause photodissociation of inhibitory nitric oxide from CCO leading to enhancement of enzyme activity, electron transport, mitochondrial respiration, and ATP production as a result. Further hypothesized is that LLLT (at these specific fluences and spectra), by stimulating/altering the cellular redox state may induce the activation of numerous intracellular signaling pathways; alter the affinity of transcription factors concerned with cell proliferation, survival, tissue repair, and regeneration.

Light Therapy work for Wrinkle Reduction


Anti Wrinkle Light Therapy -- A bit more technical for you skincare nerds...

The mechanisms of LED light therapy involve the absorption of specific wavelengths of light by a photo-acceptor molecule, which may be endogenously produced or synthesized and/or applied exogenously to the host. Irradiation of the photo-acceptor molecule generates the production of cytotoxic singlet oxygen. A cascade of cellular responses is initiated, resulting in modulation of cell function, cell proliferation, and possible repair of compromised cells. This process of cellular function enhancement is referred to as “photo-biomodulation”.

The selection of an appropriate wavelength and J/cm2 (Joules per square centimeter of the area) components are fundamental to phototherapy for photo-biomodulation as cellular reactions display specificity to irradiation (color of light) wavelengths and the time domain delivery of photon energy into a finite area of deposition. Numerous Journal Published (some Peer Reviewed) Clinical studies have demonstrated that in vitro irradiation of fibroblasts with 633-nm wavelength light increased pro-collagen synthesis fourfold from the baseline while exhibiting no effect on the activity of the collagen regulating proteolytic enzymes collagenase and gelatinase. Irradiation with this red light increased fibroblastic growth factor synthesis from photoactivated macrophages and accelerated mast cell (appearance of inflammation) degeneration. These in vitro results have been supported in a similar journal published clinical trials involving human subjects Additionally --- Numerous Journal Published (some Peer Reviewed) Clinical studies have also demonstrated that in vitro irradiation with Light in the 830-nm (near-infrared) wavelength is absorbed in the cellular membrane rather than in cellular organelles, which remain the target when using light in the visible spectrum. This I/R irradiation leads to accelerated fibroblast-myofibroblast transformation and mast cell degranulation.

Also, chemotaxis and phagocytic activity of leucocytes and macrophages are enhanced through cellular stimulation by this wavelength. These in vitro results have been supported in a similar journal published clinical trials involving human subjects The synergistic effects of 633-nm and 830-nm wavelength at sufficient Joule protocols will enhance fibroblast proliferation and thus increase collagen synthesis as well as stimulate inflammatory cell lines such as mast cells and macrophages. Application of these light wavelengths within specific protocols and energy levels can result in improved skin rejuvenation such as are observed and noted in the studies and trials available for review in assorted Dermatology related publications. The addition of 605 and 660nm wavelengths are adjunctive to the primary 630 and 830 nm range spectra.

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