Myolift Conductive Gloves (pair)

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Microcurrent gloves are an accessory designed to be used as an alternative to the standard ball tip probes which come with your Myolift QT device.  They provide a more detail oriented, easier to use microcurrent treatment to fit your unique needs for facial lifting and toning. The pair of 7E conductive microcurrent gloves are 100% silver threaded and low resistance, which makes them easy to glide on the skin. A microcurrent session with these antimicrobial gloves (meaning they act against various microorganisms like bacteria and fungi) will transmit low-level electrical stimulation, targeting microcurrent deep into the skin tissue and leading to an effective reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The conductive microcurrent gloves will yield the same results as the traditional metal ball tip probes.

The benefits of using conductive microcurrent gloves in place of traditional metal ball tip probes primarily comes down to preference of you and / or your clients. Due to their antimicrobial properties and silver lining, conductive microcurrent gloves are a more powerful tool in combating acne than traditional metal ball tip probes.

To clean, use neutral detergent or mild antibacterial soap only in order to prolong the lifespan of the gloves and do not twist the gloves after washing to wring out excess water. The conductive microcurrent gloves should air dry to prolong their lifespan. 

Please not that in order to properly conduct the current onto your face, you will need to wear latex or nitrile gloves (not included) underneath these gloves.  Using without gloves underneath can actually provide a fantastic treatment for your hands instead of your face to aid in aging and ease pain from issues like arthritis.  

Includes: one pair of gloves



  1. Unplug the traditional metal ball tip probes from your MyoLift™ microcurrent machine and plug in your lead wire.
  2. Plug your 7E Conductive Glove wire into the lead wire. Gently twist (it will be snug) until the wires are connected.
  3. Put on latex, vinyl or nitrile gloves, then put on your Conductive Gloves.
    1. This step is important! If you do not wear vinyl or nitrile gloves underneath your Conductive Microcurrent Gloves, the current will be exhausted on your hands and will not be delivered or transferred from the glove to the face once contact is made.
  4. Dampen your conductive microcurrent gloves in water. The gloves must be wet in order to conduct the current.
    1. Have a small bowl of water nearby so you can dip your fingers in when necessary to help with conductivity. Remember, you will not need to use conductivity gel with your gloves.
  5. Make sure the MyoLift™ is on and press "Run"
  6.  Using any number of fingers at a time noting that the fewer fingers you use, the more intense the current will be, start your fingers touching together and pull apart a few inches, holding for a few seconds when they are sufficiently separated and repeating several times.


When it comes to cleaning your conductive gloves, please make sure to use neutral detergent or mild antibacterial soap only. In order to prolong the lifespan of the gloves, you must avoid using any detergent or soap with strong acid and / or strong alkali components. Do not twist the gloves after washing to wring out excess water. The conductive microcurrent gloves should air dry to prolong their lifespan. Remember, the gloves contain silver fiber and silver is antibacterial, which helps get rid of bacteria (which is great for acne clients).

Conductive microcurrent gloves are reusable, however if proper care isn’t taken in cleaning them regularly and air drying, you may find yourself needing to replace them. This is why following the above cleaning instructions is important for the longevity of your conductive gloves.