Myolift QT Microcurrent

Myolift QT Microcurrent
Myolift QT Microcurrent
Myolift QT Microcurrent
Myolift QT Microcurrent
Myolift QT Microcurrent

Myolift QT Microcurrent

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It's FINALLY HERE!!!!  The brand new MyoLift™ QT is the most advanced and easy to use home microcurrent device on the market.  It has been very specifically designed with the home user in mind. This device is designed for busy parents and business people who have the desire to pursue healthier, younger skin but don’t necessarily have the extra time to do longer microcurrent facial treatments and is a fabulous at-home adjunct to professional, in-clinic treatments.

MyoLift QT™ is your new favorite advanced skincare solution in the comfort of your home. Our team has been working hard to create something that meets the increasing demand for more at-home microcurrent options. The handheld device from 7E MyoLift™ uses Smart Current™ technology, allowing for customized, professional-grade treatments and long-lasting results. It’s your perfect combination of natural and scientific skincare. The patented technology encompasses decades of research and experience delivering microcurrent energy with precision.

MyoLift™ QT has been created with the flexibility to incorporate your favorite 7E MyoLift™ accessories. The MyoLift™ QT and its corresponding MyoLift™ QT App for Android and iOS have a variety of built-in protocols for a quick face-lifting treatment that helps you firm and lift your skin and deliver professional-grade results.

The options are endless!

*please note, MyoLift QT is an app-based device. In order to use your MyoLift QT handheld microcurrent machine from 7E Wellness you must have the MyoLift QT mobile app downloaded to your smartphone. This app is friendly to both iOS and Android phone users. Our team is excited to explore this approach and offer something more portable for the modern user!

Fast Facts on Myolift QT™

How high does the intensity go?
MyoLift QT has a maximum intensity of 400 microamps. For comparison, MyoLift Mini also has a maximum intensity of 400 microamps.

Is it cordless?
Yes! This device is cordless. Fully charged, the battery will last for about 25 treatments. So charge it up, pack it up and put your best face forward no matter where you go!

How does it work?
MyoLift™ QT works by connecting via Bluetooth with your mobile smartphone. MyoLift™ QT is friendly to both iOS and Android systems. The port at the bottom of the device allows you to plug in our lead wire accessory and use your favorite accessories for treatment. 

What does it come with?
MyoLift QT comes with the MyoLift QT handheld microcurrent device, one (1) Conductive Lip Mask, one (1) Conductive Eye Mask, one (1) Conductive Forehead Mask, and one (1) 2oz ReStore Conductive Treatment Gel (not suitable for acne prone skin).


The MyoLift QT app begins by asking you a set of questions to identify where you are in your skincare journey and what your primary skin health concerns are. After creating your unique profile, the app walks you through your MyoLift QT device as well as the app’s features. Within the app you can select from a variety of preset protocols that will either guide you through a MyoLift QT full facial treatment with the handheld device or how to use the USB-C port built into the bottom of the device to simply connect and utilize popular accessories like conductive gloves or masks for a treatment that fits your comfort and needs. Each preset option not only walks you through the movements and steps for a successful treatment, but also has a section that reflects whether or not you are achieving conductivity. The conductivity bar will be red if your device is not conducting the current to your facial muscles and will be green if your device is conducting the current to your facial muscles. The conductivity bar on all of our MyoLift™ devices is one of our clients’ favorite features so we knew we couldn’t leave it out when we began development of MyoLift™ QT!

For more advanced MyoLift users, you can even use the app’s “Custom” treatment setting to manually increase or decrease microcurrent intensity ranging from 100-400 microamps and toggle between Stretch and Lift settings. The Stretch setting relaxes your facial muscles that have tightened over time, often resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. The Lift setting tightens the facial muscles that have relaxed over time and often lead to noticeable sagging of the skin. The Custom treatment setting on MyoLift QT also has the conductivity bar feature to support your confidence and awareness during your treatment.

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