Our skin functions as part sponge, part barrier- two concepts which may seem at odds with each other.  The job of the skin barrier is to protect you and keep external pathogens out, but with over 320 known contaminants which can sometimes be found in our water, it can affect the health of that skin barrier, preventing it from doing its job and allowing these contaminants to affect our skin in a negative way. Dozens of studies have shown that tap water can dehydrate and damage skin, especially your face which is inherently more sensitive but also exposed to water more with regular washes.

Filterbaby has been clinically tested and shown to remove 99% of physical contaminants to improve skin hydration in just 2 weeks.

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Fullscript allows you to search for and purchase supplements for 10-20% off when linked to Skin & Bare It.  They have a robust catalog including a catalog we've built out to help you on your skincare journey.

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Four Sigmatic Coffee

Coffee can be a double edged sword, especially as we age and especially when it comes to stress, sleep and inflammatory skin conditions like acne.  Four Sigmatic coffee is actually a "mushroom" coffee but you wouldn't know that from tasting it. 

My personal favorite, especially when dealing with acne, is the Balance Organic Half Caf Coffee.

Priia Cosmetics*

Priia Cosmetics provides acne safe beauty products with an emphasis on anti-inflammatory and supportive ingredients.  They provide a great option to those struggling or going through the process of clearing and healing their skin.

Our favorites - Priia Acne Safe Foundation Primer, Priia Loose Mineral Foundation, LumiLitez™ Powder Highlighter

 *If you suffer from acne, please reference your acne safe makeup list from Skin & Bare It to cross reference the priia makeup prior to purchase and ensure your selection is suitable for your skin.



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