Best For: Aging, Inflammation, Pigmentation

    Providing powerful regenerative anti-aging products through evidence-based technologies, AnteAGE scientists pioneered the use of human bone marrow stem cell technology in aesthetics and dermatology fields.  They remain committed to leveraging the power of stem cell growth factors and cytokines to deliver safe, effective, and luxurious skincare products that promote aesthetic health. 

    With young skin, our naturally occurring stem cells are robust and responsive, keeping skin smooth, elastic, and radiant. But, as we age, we have fewer of these cells available to repair skin damage. Over time this damage adds up and our skin health deteriorates.

    AnteAGE® pioneered the science of reactivating the skin's natural regenerative properties by utilizing Stem and Growth Factor Cytokines, the most natural and powerful option to restore youthful skin.

    Live stem cells are not used in AnteAGE. Rather, they grow bone marrow stem cells under special conditions in their state of the art laboratory. They then extract only cytokines and growth factors, the most intelligent anti-inflammatory agents in your body, discarding everything else. AnteAGE products contain these cytokines and growth factors, which are proteins encapsulated in natural lipid envelopes to preserve them, keep them functional, and aid in transporting these rejuvenating agents.

    AnteAGE® is led by renowned researchers, scientists, and physicians who are the best in their field.  Based in Irvine, California, their team is regularly published in scientific journals, awarded for groundbreaking results, and sought after for their expertise by Fortune 100 healthcare companies.

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    AnteAGE MD Trial / Travel Kit
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