Working With Skin & Bare It

Consultation Fee: $15

The world of skincare and cosmetics can be a difficult one to navigate. Do you know what is in your skincare?  Do you know if it's effective? Do you struggle with acne but switch products regularly and try different diets to get your skin on track only to be left with dark spots and dry skin? Working with Skin & Bare it gives you the unique opportunity to get a licensed esthetician on your side as your personal skincare coach, to help you breakdown the confusing world of beauty and get you on a path of self care that works.

Facials are fantastic but the majority of your results can and will be achieved from the comfort of your own bathroom. Through dedication and knowledge you will be able to achieve your skincare goals while developing a better understanding of the cosmetics industry and how to utilize products to best serve your skin. This is why all in person services are required to start out first with a consultation. We want to fully maximize not just your results, but also your time spent getting them.

Good skin requires dedication and commitment. It is up to you to be compliant and dedicated with the suggestions made. The consultations are free and even remotely we are able to address issues such as acne, rosacea, melasma, hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone and hormonal issues. Dry skin and aging are also issues that can be addressed remotely.   

Have A Teen?  

Please note that we do specialize in adult acne.  Healing your acne takes time and commitment. If you have a teenager who struggles with acne we are more than happy to set up a consultation but adult supervision and management is required.  We hold teen clients to the same diligent standards as adult clients.  If you need help with a teen, please ensure they are ready to commit to healing their skin.  Ensure the intake form is properly filled out with as much detail as possible and read and follow all instructions. 

Getting Started

The Process

Like all good things in life, having the ideal skin takes a lot of work and this process is certainly no exception.  The link below will take you to my online client portal where we can begin your skincare journey together!  The guided walkthrough breaks down how to best use the client portal and get the most out of our time together.  It gives you instructions on how to get started, send over images, book your consultation and what to expect throughout the process!

This walkthrough is imperative to your success and was put together as a tool to help you understand the process and to set us up for a successful journey together.  It consists of 7 quick modules


The Walkthrough contains information vital to your success during this process. Please take the time to complete The Walkthrough as SOON as possible to better understand and begin the process. 

Consultations scheduled without completing the walkthrough will be rescheduled.

Remember, what you put into this process is what you will get out of this process.