AnteAGE Biogel Occlusive

AnteAGE Biogel Occlusive

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 AnteAGE® Stem BioGel occlusive dressing represents a new class of occlusive designed to reduce trans-epidermal water loss, restore skin barrier integrity, and mitigate microbial invasion following ablative and semi-ablative procedures.

Skin-identical ceramides, cholesterol, fatty acids, and phytosterols will rapidly restore skin barrier integrity, as Vitamin E supports skin conditioning and provides antioxidant support. Skin defense is supported by natural antimicrobials such as Beta Defensin, while TGFb3 promotes scarless wound healing and rapid skin reepithelialization.

Together, this formula has the ability to quickly restore skin barrier function making it the perfect post-procedure topical adjuvant following laser, abrasive, and other ablative skin treatments. 

Please note this is not a daily moisturizer.  While many people tout the benefits of “slugging” (a trend where they use an occlusive agent such as vaseline or aquaphor nightly), doing so, even with something as beneficial as this formulation will ultimately do more harm than good.  Use this product as needed to heal the skin barrier and not to continuously support it.   Moving off of this product and onto something which offers sustainable barrier support will be more beneficial.  

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