Roccoco Botanicals Intense CPR

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Formulated to treat eczema and chronically barrier impaired skin.

Intense CPR is an intensely hydrating and skin soothing moisturizer which was designed to act like a steroid in suppressing inflammation without any of the adverse effects of an actual steroid.

It rapidly calms the skin reducing inflammation for a calmer appearance. Skin is left soft and calm. Itching is instantly calmed within one minute. It is much more anti-inflammatory than normal CPR.

It has a "no sting formula" making it perfect for children and those who have severe barrier disruption.


The actives in this product include Sunflower extract which will repair a compromised barrier and other ingredients that will provide intense hydration, even in the coldest of climates and prevent TEWL (transepidermal water loss).

Intense CPR is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-histamine which will instantly sooth and calm any reactions in the skin.

🚫❌ Unfortunately, this product is not suited for acne skins.

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