Roccoco Botanicals Rescue Balm

Roccoco Botanicals Rescue Balm
Roccoco Botanicals Rescue Balm
Roccoco Botanicals Rescue Balm
Roccoco Botanicals Rescue Balm

Roccoco Botanicals Rescue Balm

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Rescue Balm is the ultimate in barrier repair and this new spin on a classic formulation doesn't disappoint. With 27 powerhouse active anti-inflammatory ingredients, his product helps to alleviate discomfort often associated with a compromised barrier or a decline in skin function often presenting as stinging when products are applied, tightness or itching of the skin as well as other discomfort. 

A soothing balm which restores barrier function enriched with nano sized skin identical ceramides that replenish deficiencies in the skin and help with barrier repair, promising relief and comfort for atopic skin conditions and allergic inflamed skin. Rescue balm is highly anti-inflammatory, decreasing all key markers involved with inflammation and will soothe the skin reducing itchiness, swelling and any pain or discomfort.  Balancing the natural flora of the skin activates the skin’s immunity and significantly reduces stinging.  

Key ingredients:

Hydrogenated lecithin: Contains 97% Phosphatidylcholine which acts as a second skin and helps to restore the skin barrier. Phosphatidylcholine is an essential component of cell membranes. It increases the hydration of the skin and also increases wound healing times.

Boswellia Extract: Protects collagen and elastin. It inhibits pro-inflammatory mediators in the body. Boswellia has also shown efficacy with reversing photoaging and wrinkles as well, making it anti-aging.

Pueraria Loba Root Extract: Decreases itching, inflammation and swelling.  Reduces histamine in the skin

Ceramide NS: skin identical ceramide that restores the intercellular lipids and improved hydration by up to 68% within 3 days

Withania Somnifera: Potent anti-inflammatory comparable to cortisone in efficacy

Sophora Flavescens Root: Decreases inflammation and reduces itching.  Increases moisture content. 


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