Skin Brightening C Serum

Skin Brightening C Serum

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Skin Brightening C Serum lightens skin tone and evens out the skin for a more radiant look. It contains a very stable form of Vitamin C so that your serum does not lose effectiveness over time due to oxidation. 

A Hyaluronic Acid based serum that contains a blend of potent skin lightening actives that target all the pathways of pigmentation. Lightens the appearance of the skin, evens out skin tone, helps treat age spots and lipofuscin/ Age Spots.

It can also help with acne though it that is the main concern then Clarifying C Serum would be a better option. 


NIACINAMIDE  - Stops transfer of pigment to keratinocyte and strengthens the skin barrier

MULBERRY EXTRACT - Tyrosinase inhibitor to prevent your skin from forming hyperpigmentation

RED CLOVER EXTRACT - Tyrosinase inhibitor Tyrosinase inhibitor to prevent your skin from forming hyperpigmentation

SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE - Stable form of vitamin c that has skin lightening and anti-acne benefits



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