AnteAGE Microchanneling: Clarifying Solution

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2 ml Vial Rollerball (Box of 5) | All Skin Types, All Ages

The AnteAGE® Clarifying Microchanneling Solution for acneic skin contains pro-healing, anti-inflammatory growth factors and cytokines derived from laboratory culture of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, the specialized cells that science has determined function as “command and control” of healing in all injured tissues. Hyaluronic Acid provides lubrication and is a powerful humectant that promotes rapid re-hydration and volume enhancement within the upper layers of the skin. Additional recombinant growth factors, peptides and cytokines that target the source of acneic skin are added for enhanced results.

Applications and Usage

For best results use the Clarifying Solution with your AnteAGE® Stem Cell Facial. Using the rollerball vial, apply the solution to entire treatment area. Follow with a microchanneling stamp or roller for maximum product penetration. May also be used with Microneedling or under LED.