Roccoco Botanicals Clarifying C Serum

Roccoco Botanicals Clarifying C Serum
Roccoco Botanicals Clarifying C Serum

Roccoco Botanicals Clarifying C Serum

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A vitamin c serum specifically formulated to unclog pores, smooth skin and elevate a healthy natural glow like never before.  The newly improved acne specific vitamin c serum contains a potent blend of synergistic ceramides which repair the barrier while massively reducing inflammation.  Containing a stable form of vitamin c which directly targets acne while also providing crucial antioxidant benefits, it brightens and evens the tone of the skin.  It also addresses androgenic effects in the skin to effectively stop acne before it starts.  It also supports wound healing and scar revision.  This isn't your average drying acne treatment, this products specifically hydrates, heals and even provides anti aging benefits all while successfully clearing the skin. 

Very few products on the market target Post Inflammatory Erythema, that redness that is left lingering for months after acne has subsided, but this serum targets that specific and common issue quickly, preventing those red marks from becoming more stubborn Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation in the form of Brown Marks.  

Suitable for:
Acne and inflamed skins.


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