Fruit Gel Wash

Fruit Gel Wash

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*NOTICE*  Minis are availible. The full size of this product will be back in stock on November 24th. All orders will ship without it and it will arrive separately once it arrives.  

Fruit Gel Wash is an ultra gentle, hydrating, foaming cleanser with excellent cleansing abilities. It retains and increases hydration levels in the skin without any drying effects.

It contains 11 amino acids which aid hydration of the skin. The blend of surfactants are mainly non-ionic and do not interact with the skin lipid bilayer meaning they do not integrate into the skin or strip your natural oils and are removed completely when skin is rinsed after cleansing.

While this product is suitable for most skin types, it is often used in a professional environment as a second cleanse after the use of a cleansing oil. It aids in hydration while ensuring the skin is fully prepped for a proper skincare treatment. This second cleanse is gentle enough to incorporate into your nightly regimen.