Mikura Oligo-C Antioxidant Peptide Serum

Mikura Oligo-C Antioxidant Peptide Serum

Mikura Oligo-C Antioxidant Peptide Serum

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This Vitamin C serum not only brightens and reduces oxidative stress, but also hydrates with ingredients such as Glycerin, Snow Mushroom, and White Tea Extract. Oligopeptide-68, a potent tyrosinase inhibitor, is added to help lift hyper-pigmentation from solar damage and acne.  Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate acts as a potent acne and pigment fighting ingredient. 

Key Ingredients:

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate- one of the most stable forms of vitamin c, at 5% it has been shown to dramatically reduce acne lesions.  This superstar ingredient also works dramatically on post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) yielding dramatic results within as little as 8 weeks.  *It can be important to note that where PIH is concerned, it will often appear as though nothing is happening between 0-6 weeks, then between the 8 - 12 week mark is where we will generally see drastic reduction.

3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid - gentle and stable forms of Vitamin C, antioxidant, regulates collagen synthesis, lightens pigmentation

Glycerin - hydrating humectant, improves skin barrier function, wound-healing

Oligopeptide-68 - skin-brightening peptide

Snow Mushroom Extract - soothing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory

White Tea Extract - Antioxidant gentle enough for all skin types




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