*Newly Formulated* Roccoco Botanicals Hydrating Essence

*Newly Formulated* Roccoco Botanicals Hydrating Essence

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NEW Hydrating Treatment Essence. Providing up to 72 hours of sustained hydration, it is the ultimate skin rescuer for long haul flights and cold weather.  This spray has the ability to massively repair the skin barrier making it ideal for dry scalps as well as mens beards, accutane users or otherwise severely compromised skin.  

Safe for acne prone skins who just need a boost in hydration, with the added benefit of being a powerful catalyst for wound repair. This product also encourages collagen synthesis in the skin for supportive anti aging benefits. 

Ingredient Highlights

Dead Sea Salt - supportive healing ingredient

Native Australian Hibiscus Extract- boosts hyaluronic acid synthesis within the skin as well as ceramides (an essential part of the skin barrier), preventing moisture loss through the skin.

Sugar Molecules - to deeply hydrate

Probiotics - support a healthy skin microbiome, enhancing the health and natural defenses of the skin