Roccoco Botanicals Vitaskin

Roccoco Botanicals Vitaskin

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Vita skin is a cocktail of Royal Jelly, skin vitamins and peptides with 24K Nano Gold.  This serum is designed to refine and minimise the appearance of pores, balance oil flow and intensely hydrate the skin.  Collagen stimulating properties assists to minimise the appearance of scarring, fine lines, and wrinkles to smooth the overall appearance of the skin. 

✔️ Skin Brightening
✔️ Collagen Stimulation
✔️ Increases NMF Factors in the skin and Ceramide Production
✔️ Increases Hydration
✔️ Antioxidant
✔️ Sebum Regulating
✔️ DNA Protection
✔️ Skin Smoothing
✔️ Cell Regulating and suppresses hyperproliferation
✔️ Wrinkle Reduction
✔️ Stimulates the skin's immune system
✔️ Acne Benefits
✔️ Antihistamine properties
✔️ Inhibits elastin degradation
✔️ Antiglycation



The colloidal gold in this product aids in conducting electrical currents so makes it phenomenal to pair with microcurrent. 



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